Vertical Turbine Wind Turbines

The axis of rotation of such wind turbines is vertical. The most important advantage of this type is that the turbine does not need to turn towards the wind; they can take the wind from any direction – an important advantage for regions where the wind direction changes constantly. The generator and gearbox can be placed close to the ground and the tower does not need to bear these weights.

Wind turbines are 100% local and our own TeknoTech production

Other advantages of our vertical axis wind turbines that can generate electricity from 3000 watts to 15 kilowatts:

  • Vertical axis wind turbines can be mounted on the deck or roof of boats.
  • They can generate electricity at wind speeds much lower than horizontal axis turbines (they generate electricity at a wind speed of 6 m / s) and do not stop spinning completely at high wind speeds; the rotational speeds of the propellers are reduced by changing the viewpoints of the wind; thus, they can continue to generate electricity in high winds.
  • They do not produce high noise / noise when turning and generating electricity, propellers have high aerodynamic properties.
  • Does not require high tower. Can be installed on each boat.

They can be used inside the marina: they do not make noise, they do not require a tower, they can be mounted on the roof, they are not affected by the variable wind.