Our group of R & D electrical and electronic units, power electronics, asynchronous squirrel cage asynchronous motors are specialized in drive designs, has been working in the field of power electronics for 35 years. Our engine and engine systems; asynchronous motors in accordance with the project is designed to low-voltage high efficiency. The systems that we design are operating between 24-96 volts and 0-1000 amperes and torque and speed control is specially provided for automobiles and other land / sea vehicles. Our specialized DC – AC inverter frequency controlled drives are manufactured by us 100% in accordance with the project. Mechanical power losses and problems are eliminated with the electronic differential system, which is developed by our own studies and provided with asynchronous motors, which has very efficient test results. Thanks to our technologies; From 1 KW 750 rpm asynchronous motor to 4 kW power and 3000 rpm, we get high power and high speed. With our multi-pole asynchronous motor drives, we achieve very high torque and provide solutions that do not require a gearbox up to 1/10 ratio.

Electronic motor controls in special production boxes with water and gas cooling for boats are designed and manufactured to be protected from external factors. Designed and manufactured according to the sea conditions, the speed and torque of the motor drives can be adjusted automatically or manually.

Our drives, which are designed to be used in our multi engine systems specially designed for boats, provide control to more than one engine at the same time.