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Design Registered Product
(All Design and Production Rights belong to TEKNOSGROUP / Nadir DÜLGEROĞLU)

Teknos EcoMarine manufactures electric jet ski boats which are developed for amateur and professional uses. It is used in fossil fueled engines for boats with electric motor system. The designs of the boats produced specially for the projects are made by Mehmet TAŞANYÜREK and Nadir DÜLGEROĞLU, who are the first Turkish designers to design the ferrari.


All design and manufacturing rights belong to TeknosGroup solar energy jet ski boats are manufactured in our own shipyard, all of which are provided by the local design and manufacturing can provide continuous support to users. It is unique in terms of electric boats that form a category between jet skis and canoes, and electric canoes, which will be a trend in water sports and private use, are also suitable for group activities and uses. In parallel with the solar panels, additional generators can be supplied to the boat’s batteries by generating generator pedals. The solar powered electric canoes are environmentally friendly, do not pollute the air and water, and do not harm humans and sea creatures due to their impellerlessness. The advantage of being quiet provides peace of mind. With the advantage of being an electric boat, it can be used in a quiet environment without fuel costs. Electric boats and technology leader in Turkey in the Teknosor EcoMare, Jet Ski products designed by acting on the sensitive series canoe boats.
Our jet fighter jet boats, which have no precedent in the category in the world, are manufactured with all kinds of safety and functionality in mind. The hobby will be a trend in marine vehicles. Equipped with the latest technologies of our age, the vehicles not only provide the safety of the users, but also provide ease of vehicle tracking. These boats; In terms of their design, functionality and operating system, they are unique in the world. It creates trend with its concept and presents prestige together. Ease of use with advanced technology is the most important feature.

  • Body Structure: Production with composite vacuum infusion system,
    maximum strength. Double deck buoyant body design
  • Carrying Capacity: Double
  • Water Drive System: Externally mounted Direct Drive turbine jet system
  • Engine Type: 24-48 Volt AC motor, electronic control system
  • Lighting System: All lightings marin serial led technology
  • Dimensions: Length = 360cm, Width = 120cm, Height = 90cm – 190cm
  • Batteries: LiFePO4 battery / Gel Battery system
  • Solar Panels: Flexible, highly efficient, long-lasting marine series and new technology


  • Electric Motor and Motor Drive
  • Direct Drive Compact Turbine Propeller System
  • Joystick Control System
  • Batteries Lithium / Gel
  • Sound System Speaker (Bluetooth)
  • Underwater and Over Water Led Lighting
  • Led Floodlight
  • Motorized inboard water drainage system
  • Marine series solar panels (new generation)
  • Automatic retractable roof system
  • Liste yaz…


  • GPS / GPRS tracking and control systems
  • Alarm system
  • Pedal Electric Generator
  • Autonomous System (custom manufacturing)
  • Fish Store
  • Cooler Cabinet
  • Special paintings on boat
  • Special sticker applications on board
  • Special transport trailer