Electric Pedal Boat

Teknos EcoMarine offers new business opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to take part in the tourism sector…

The project partnership system with zero capital, in addition to offering new job opportunities, also provides additional job opportunities for those who have existing jobs.

In the operating system with remote control and supervision capability, it can be managed without having to be in charge and the system that provides operation in more than one region at the same time can be controlled from a single center.

Each boat is monitored separately and it is determined precisely how many hours the boat operates. At the end of the day, the number of hours the boats are operated and the cost of this is clearly seen. Daily revenue must be transferred to the central account within three days, otherwise the activities of the boats are stopped from the center. Boats in the facility can also be followed from the center.

The operating prices of the boats are determined centrally from the center and a regional common price is established in order to avoid unfair competition. If it is determined that the operator leases out of the determined price, the contract is unilaterally canceled.

All breakage and malfunctions of the boats belong to Teknos Company and the boats are insured. The operator undertakes only the rent of the floor and the cost of the employees.

Boats are the property of Teknos Eco Marine, the advertisements of the sponsoring corporate companies will be placed on the boats and all rights belong to the owner.

The operators are provided with boats against the guarantee and unlimited boats are allocated within the scope of the guarantee. However, the suitability of the region to be operated and the number of boats that can work will be determined by our experts and the pieces that are deemed appropriate will be given. At the end of the season, the company will be able to take the boats and direct them to other establishments (in other regions where the season is long), and in the new season will allocate the boats to the operator again.

In the revenue sharing system, the rates are 50% + 50%.