Marin series, specially designed for Teknotech boats, provides maximum performance with high starting power thanks to its reinforced plates. Marin series batteries with extra resistance against shock and vibration provide a minimum water loss advantage with their special design.

  • Maximum safety with special flame arresters
  • Maximum corrosion resistance with special design and alloy grids.
  • Special fiber reinforced separators with low internal resistance.
  • High cycle life under vibration and heavy duty conditions
  • Extra resistance to sea conditions and vibration
  • Maximum sealing with special cover design
  • Special acid component
  • Specially designed plates and separators
  • Plugs with special hose
  • Hybrid plates specially reinforced for boat use
  • High starting power and capacity

Scope of application

  • Boats
  • Yachts

Marine Series Liquid and Gel Battery Technologies

The efficiency of the propulsion systems in electric marine vehicles is directly proportional to the efficiency of the supply systems. In order to reach an accurate result, systems that can work in harmony with each other should be established. As a result of R & D activities, Teknos Eco Marine ensures that the most suitable battery systems are manufactured with the most accurate materials. The company offers its own brand with guarantee.

Gel Battery Systems

The battery is fully hermetically sealed. (Thanks to the principle of recombination of gases, neither acid nor gas is released). The acid was immobilized by gas. It is clean and highly environmentally friendly. It is absolutely maintenance free. Plates of high-thickness positive active material (5 times more than the known vehicle battery) to guarantee the longest life. 100% usable capacity. Charge and discharge throughout the whole service is convenient. High resistance in stages, withstands deep discharge and is resistant to vibrations. Battery standstill: After six months of standstill, it still has more than 80% of its rated capacity and maintains more than 60% of it after 2 years. It is a specially studied battery to guarantee the longest life and safety in all vehicles requiring intensive use, such as on boats. It combines excellent operation with extreme energy for cruise services, even in extreme conditions.

Liquid Battery Systems

Air Mix system is used in liquid batteries. In this system, air bubbles at a certain pressure given to the cell from the bottom provide better mixing of the acid during charging and the acid density is homogeneous inside the cell. This reduces the charging time. In automatic recharge system batteries, all cell plugs are float and are connected to each other by hoses. The electrolyte level of the cells is leveled by automatic filling from the tank to which these hoses are connected. Does not require acid addition. There are two different types and features of filter and float. Production with tasarım special design pole and double seal nut ”. Negative plates coated with “specially designed envelopes.. Fully sealed design with special pole structure. Production with “Specially designed gountlet and bottom plastic”. Use of active material with standard granule structure made with special formula, active material produced from lead oxide of 99.99 purity. Separators with high permeability, mechanical and chemical resistance and minimum internal resistance. Long lasting, acid resistant.