Solar Energy in Boats /

An important application area where solar energy systems are used is the maritime sector and marine vehicles. For example, solar energy systems in boats are often used for charging batteries and for service and backup energy.

Accumulators in boats may be charged as long as the boat engine is running or (if present) the generator is running, when not connected to shore electricity. However, this method causes extra fuel waste and environmental pollution when staying for long periods. The need for continuous refueling, cost and high levels of noise and exhaust gases are not at all comfortable.

Main Equipments Used in Marine Applications

Solar Panel / Solar Cell / Solar Panel / PV Module

Photovoltaic / Photovoltaic / Module

The solar panel is an essential part of the system and a basic electricity generator. It can be selected according to months, season and electrical devices to be operated in the system. Appropriate installation is done on the boat.

Battery Charge Controller / Solar Charge Controller / Charge Controller

In principle, it is an electronic device that automatically controls the power (voltage and current) from the panel to the battery. It ensures ideal charging / storage of the battery (s) without overcharging and discharging. Using 2 separate (dual) output Battery Charge Regulators, you can safely charge the starter and service batteries separately with the energy from the panel (for example).

Accumulator / Battery / Battery

The existing batteries in the system can be used or additional batteries can be used depending on the consumption and working time. Products suitable for marine applications, bottom discharge and high cycle (charge-discharge) should be preferred.

Solar Cable

First of all, it should be suitable / sufficient cross-section and resistant to climatic conditions. It should be selected in such a way that there is no loss on it according to distance and power.

PV Connector

It should be resistant to climatic conditions and should have an ideal conductivity structure. In winter, PVs should be easily removed and installed when necessary or during maintenance / service.


DC / AC Inverter, Inverter & Charger, AC / DC Battery Charger / Rectifier, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Battery Isolators, Battery Saver, Battery Monitor / Battery Monitoring, Automatic Transfer Switches…

Main Advantages of Solar Energy Systems in Boats:

  • No operating costs
  • There is only initial investment cost
  • Can be used for many years
  • Prevents unnecessary discharge / discharge of batteries when the engine is not intended to be started
  • Provides savings in fuel costs and usage and storage
  • Electrical losses are extremely low
  • Practical and easy to install
  • Modular and portable
  • Scalable, power can be increased
  • Multiple PV can be connected in parallel and / or in series
  • No dependence on shore mains
  • 220 Volt electricity can be generated by using DC / AC inverter if necessary
  • Renewable, endless source of energy
  • No need to pay electricity bill
  • Domestic, renewable resource and environment friendly
  • No need for a generator
  • Hybrid operation with generator and other sources if necessary
  • Provides freedom and comfort…


Semi-Flexible Sunpower solar panel features: (Frameless and without glass)

  • Semi-flexible solar panels are suitable for off-grid and on-grid systems.
  • 19% – 23% has high efficiency properties.
  • The state-of-the-art Sunpower solar cells are manufactured in cooperation with USA Sunpower.
  • Sunpower Flexible solar cells have a more beautiful and wonderful appearance.
  • The high efficiency solar PV cell adopts the highest efficiency cell in the world and its efficiency reaches 23% and the module efficiency is higher than traditional ones with 25-30% values.
  • The positive pole of this cell and the negative pole are on the same side.
  • You can get maximum power as it absorbs the most sunlight on the front of the cell.
  • Semi-Flexible solar panels, with Sunpower cells are mainly used for electronic golf carts, yachts, RV boats, caravans, backpacks, tents, etc.


Transferable power output warranty: 5 years / 95%, 12 years / 90%, 18 years / 85%, 25 years / 80%,
10 years material and labor warranty and 25 years life span.

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