Advertising Applied Boats

Advertisement Applications System on Recreational Boats

Boat Type: SunBird-EW (Solar Sightseeing Boat / 4 persons)
Boat Dimensions: Closed Position 3.6m, Cover Open 5m
Advertising Space: About 8m2
Corporate Color: Outboard hull and optional inside

Why Onboard Advertising:

Existing outdoor advertising media applications are in fixed places and despite their huge costs, they cannot reach their goals for many reasons. For example; rackets or bus stops on the sidewalks, advertising units have limited time to appear clear due to obstacles in front of them, or detection times are limited when people pass in front of them, other than the fact that people can engage in something else while on the move.
Ads on pleasure boats reach the target audience with 100% efficiency, people can focus on seeing more relaxed in holiday environments and thousands of people watching the sea at the same time. While the advertising channels on land cannot be seen clearly due to the environmental density, advertising channels at sea can be perceived very clearly. Ads on boats reach the target audience with full efficiency.

Advertising Spaces on Boats:

There is approximately 8m2 of advertising space outside the boat and the corporate body of the advertiser is applied to the main body.
Optionally, the corporate color of the company is applied in the interior of the boat and the symbols of the company are integrated decoratively.

Product integration within the boat:

Taking into consideration the scope of the advertiser, the products of the company are integrated into the system. The oligomer; If the beverage company is advertised, only the products of the advertiser are placed and sold in the cooler of the boat and no other brands are placed. (60 drinks per day are consumed on each boat)
If a GSM telecom company is advertised, then the operator’s products are definitely used on the internet connections on that boat.

Social Media Impact:

These boats, which are unmatched in the world, will attract great attention, and those who travel with boats will take selfie pictures and take pictures of them and publish them on social media. A large amount of shared images will lead to ad return. The advertisements of the sponsor companies will be placed behind the driver’s seats in the position to be seen in the selfies on the boats.

Ad Times:

Advertising agreements on boats are made annually, visuals are changed during campaign periods in line with the demands of the advertiser. (one visual application per year is free of charge;

Optional Advertising Applications:

  • In-boat enterprise applications
  • Selfie advertising space logo application
  • In-boat sound system advertising jingles
  • In-boat cooler advertising company product sales
  • Use of GSM operator’s products which are advertised in boat internet connection
  • Giving promotional products of the sponsor company to boat charterers