Solar Powered Evolution Watercraft

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Autonomous Tourist Tours Boats

Teknos EcoMarine manufactures solar powered and electric boats specially designed for projects, and manufactures autonomous smart boats by surpassing its peers in the world with the new excursion boats developed in cooperation with TeknoTech Technology, a subsidiary of the company with advanced technology capability. First of all, the boats that are important for the touristic trips on the sea or the water can follow each other electronically, and they are connected online with the guide boat and continuously on the monitor. There is a system that transmits only the information there and visually broadcasts on the monitor while navigating the regions with pre-programmed data. If the drivers do not use the boat themselves, the boat is autonomously following the guide boat and the driver is in free position. Touristic boats are equipped with high quality internal selfie cameras and external cameras. Tourists transfer the pictures they take with these cameras to their phones via Bluetooth. Every need of the tourists is thought, when they want to enter the sea, the back cover is opened and a platform is formed. Since the boats have air conditioners and heaters, they can serve in summer and winter. Every comfort is thought in the boats, cooler and drinks are available.

General Characteristics of Touristic Autonomous Recreational Boats;

GUIDE BOAT; It is equipped with advanced technology, there is continuous communication with other boats on the satellite boat. It is in constant contact with the Center and monitors the weather. There are underwater and overwater radar, central sound system, high level interior and exterior lighting to avoid accident due to the proximity to the coast. Advanced outdoor voice and light announcement system is integrated. The guide boat is custom-built, more powerful and capable than the others, and can pull it up to the shore if another boat fails. The guide boat is a fully equipped lifeguard boat at the same time. The large chiller on the guide boat accommodates the food of all boats. There is a general food and drinks store.


  • Autonomous smart boat feature and equipment
  • Automatic tracking of the guide boat
  • Automatic transfer of information from the monitor and touristic places
  • Continuous audio / video connection with the guide boat
  • Taking pictures and videos with internal selfie and outdoor camera, data transfer
  • Air conditioning and heating system
  • High performance marine serial sound system
  • Indoor and outdoor LED lighting, underwater lighting
  • First aid equipment
  • Underwater and overwater collision avoidance radar system
  • Wave risk sensor and warning system
  • Backup battery system
  • Solar energy system
  • Automatic opening and closing of roof and door windows
  • Beverage cooler cabinet system
  • Smart life jacket system (boat does not move without life jacket attached)
  • Rear swing lid and sunbathing platform, water landing ladder
  • Shower system with clean water
  • Built-in picnic table
  • Automatically controlled awnings on the rear platform
  • Boat balance water tanks system