Sunbird-EW / Challenger Solar

Design Registered Product (All Design and Production Rights belong to TEKNOSGROUP ) Custom Manufacturing SunBird-EW Boats; Teknos EcoMarine manufactures tailor-made solar and electric boats, but fossil-fueled engines are also used to meet these demands. The designs are made by Mehmet TAŞANYÜREK and Nadir DÜLGEROĞLU Read More

Lithium Battery Technologies

FOCUS ON GREEN TECHNOLOGY Why lithium ion phosphate? Lithium ion phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) is the safest of the commercially available li-ion battery types. Of an LFP cell rated voltage is 3.2V (lead acid: 2V / cell). Therefore a 12.8V Read More

Inboard / Electric Motor Systems

MULTIPLE MOTOR SYSTEM In this system, up to 3 motors and multiples of motors are mounted around a planetary reducer. All engines are powered by a single crankshaft. A separate drive is used for each motor and these drives and Read More

Outboard / Electric Turbine Systems

Developed by TeknoTech, a subsidiary of Teknos Eco Marine for our own projects and without any precedent, the electric turbine system is 100% local and environmentally friendly. The drive system, which is one of the most important systems of the Read More

Outboard / Electric Motor Systems

TeknoTech Technology and Electronics, a subsidiary of Teknos EcoMarine, has been specially designed and manufactured for electric boats. AC series motors are running 48 – 96 volts and the drive systems of the motors are designed and applied by TeknoTech. Read More

Sunbird-EW / Autonomous & Commercial Version

Solar Powered Evolution Watercraft Design Registered Product (All Design and Production Rights belong to TEKNOSGROUP ) ********************************* Autonomous Tourist Tours Boats Teknos EcoMarine manufactures solar powered and electric boats specially designed for projects, and manufactures autonomous smart boats by surpassing Read More

Teknos Eco Marine / Electric Catamaran Boats

It provides many functions and possibilities thanks to its seat on the hull, it can dock in shallow places and provides great comfort in the places where other boats cannot enter. The bottom surface of the hull is covered with Read More

New System of Earning without Capital

Electric Pedal Boat Teknos EcoMarine offers new business opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to take part in the tourism sector… The project partnership system with zero capital, in addition to offering new job opportunities, also provides additional job opportunities for Read More