It provides many functions and possibilities thanks to its seat on the hull, it can dock in shallow places and provides great comfort in the places where other boats cannot enter. The bottom surface of the hull is covered with glass and allows the water to be monitored as an aquarium in the hull sitting on the hull. With a special light system that can illuminate the water for night vision, the inside of the boat can be watched very clearly. In addition, the hull’s opening hulls are suitable for use as a platform and allow people to dive.

Movable, foldable side frames; The system which provides movement with hydraulic mechanism is supported by a reliable control system. It has the ability to sit on the hull while the boat is standing, but it can perform the same ability while moving. It is equipped with a system that allows the body to continue its way when it is seated on its body.

Boat Design;

The design, projecting and modeling of the boat belongs to Teknos EcoMarine, and the design was carried out in accordance with minimum friction and hydrodynamic resistances in order to save energy. In addition, one of the considerations in the design is the aerodynamics of the boat. The leading wind load is minimized and the reason for deceleration is eliminated. Because of wind compression in the tunnel between the catamaran and the hull, the amount of friction was reduced by using the airlift effect. Two other systems are also applied to minimize the frictional effect of the bodies. One of these is by blowing air into the water from the submerged parts of the body with air nozzles, minimizing the contact of the body with water. The second application is to paint every surface of the boat touching water with water repellent (hydrophobic) paints produced with nano technology.

The right design should include energy saving as well as functionality.

The functionality has been made important in this boat. Solar panels and wind turbines are used to evaluate natural electricity sources, and can also be filled with mains electricity. Led lighting systems, which are indispensable for our era, have been applied in all lighting of the boat, including underwater lighting. Underwater lighting will gain appreciation with its night view.

Solar & Wind Turbine; Electrical, Electronic and Control System;

In the project, where renewable energy is used, energy will be provided by solar panels and wind turbines. The boat, which fully meets its needs by using natural energies, constitutes a precedent and will encourage other boat owners. There is a minority in our society, especially among boat manufacturers and users, who have sufficient awareness of electric boat systems. Individuals and producers carry out studies with a completely amateur mindset, and the negative efficiency of these studies will prevent future attempts. Although the natural energies of our country are at a high level, their use is at very low levels. The solar panels to be used in this project are the new generation products with the highest efficiency. The panels, which are produced according to the sea conditions, can maintain their efficiency for long years. In addition, people will be able to walk on the panels that will be produced in this boat project. In other words, the upper terrace section of the boat can also be opened for use. It will be the reason of choice during sunlight hours. The project also includes wind generators that we have developed and which will be produced by us. Of course, these generators will not be able to reach the capacity to meet the needs of the boat, but will contribute to the energy gain of the boat, generators that are completely domestic production will set a precedent. These advanced technology energy recovery systems must of course be supported by an advanced technology control system. As a result of our R & D studies, our electronic company, which belongs to us, performs the control and application of these systems with the most advanced technology. From motor drive systems to charging systems and digital control systems, the design, software and application of all are carried out with our senior staff.

Body Structure;

The boat consists of a main hull and two catamaran hulls. It is made of composite material supported by metal construction. Infusion technique is applied during composite manufacturing. In the infusion system, vacuum molding is done and homogeneous filling is ensured and maximum material performance is provided.

The aerodynamic design of the main body minimizes wind resistance.

The glazing of the hull is manufactured as laminated safety glass and shall be in accordance with the hull form. The terrace of the main body is designed for solar panels, providing maximum heat gain. Glass floor is used at the bottom of the boat and the inside of the water is displayed. At night, the interior of the water is illuminated with led lights.

Catamaran bodies are designed according to the hydrodynamic principle. Thanks to its special design, it is least affected by the wave. On the bodies, air is blown between the body and the water, which minimizes the friction of the water with the body and which is designed by us. With this effect, the boat is provided to slide better.

Electric motors and batteries are in catamarans. Therefore, it is provided to keep the center of gravity of the boat at lower levels.

Side Bodies – Air Lubrication System

The bottom design of the housings creates an air cushion and prevents the housing from contacting with water. The hulls which are cut off in contact with water provide less energy consumption due to the decrease in friction coefficient. With this system, average energy savings of 15-20% are achieved.

Air blown by a blower air pump forms an air cushion in the lower pool by means of nozzles on the body.

Motor and Control System

Motor Type: Asynchronous

Voltage: 72 Volts

Rpm: 2500-5500

Engine power: 2 x 20 KW

Features: Water-cooled, humid environment, speed and temperature sensor, multi-motor system

Motor drive control system

Type: Asynchronous control system (torque and speed controlled)

Voltage: 72 Volts

Rpm: 2500-5500

Power: 300-500 A

Features: Water-cooled, suitable for humid environment, with temperature sensor

Marine Series Semi-Flex Solar Panels

Semi-Flexible solar panel features: (Frameless and without glass)

Semi-flexible solar panels are suitable for off-grid and on-grid systems. 19% – 23% has high efficiency properties.

It is produced with the highest technology solar cells.

The high efficiency solar PV cell adopts the highest efficiency cell in the world and its efficiency reaches 23% and the module efficiency is higher than traditional ones with 25-30% values.

The positive pole of this cell and the negative pole are on the same side.

You can get maximum power as it absorbs the most sunlight on the front of the cell.

Semi-flexible solar panels are marinated series, specially manufactured, laminated and suitable for walking.


Transferable power output warranty: 5 years / 95%, 12 years / 90%, 18 years / 85%, 25 years / 80%, 10 years’ material and labor warranty and 25 years’ life span.

Marine Series Lithium Battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery is a type of rechargeable battery with a nominal voltage of 3.3V per cell. It is preferred in electric vehicles due to its non-toxic substance, heat stability, good electrochemical performance, reliable characteristic properties, long refilling life and high special capacity.

It has an average energy density of 200 watt hours / kg.

Heat sensitivity is reduced and explosion risk is minimized.

The number of recharging is 10 times that of lead acid batteries. (More than 2000)

Fast charging and discharging feature. (Charge and discharge at 1C, 80% capacity after 2000 refills)

High discharge rate is 10C.

Electronic circuitry should be used even though it has a wide tolerance for charging.

They are 2 times heavier and larger than Li-Ions.

Wide operating temperature range (-10o to 60o)

Their weight is less than half the weight of lead acid batteries.

It is safer than lithium cobalt and lithium manganese chemistry.

There is no risk of explosion / combustion in overcharging up to 30V, short circuit test, hot shock tests up to 130o. There is little harm to natural balance.